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The Hunt Begins October 23rd - 28th



What is Aero-Stone? The Aero-Stone is a hidden rock/stone that is placed somewhere in Murrieta and Clues will be posted to find the location of rock/stone. It will be marked with a logo so you know that it is the Aero-Stone! A picture will be posted to what it looks like prior to the Hunt.

*The Aero-Stone is eligible to be worth double the prize money if you are wearing a 2017 Aero-Stone T-Shirt. The Prize is $2,500 and if you’re wearing an Official Aero-Stone T-Shirt when you find the Stone it will be worth $5,000! Purchasing a T-Shirt is NOT required to participate. There are no entry fees. When the shirts are gone, they’re gone, so come get them while they last!

If you would like to join in a discussion and brainstorm ideas on where the Stones might be you can use this Facebook group.


Where do I get the Clues? Each day we will post certain clues in riddle format. The first day the clues will be extremely difficult getting easier with each passing day. The Aero-Stone Shirt may also contain clues.

· 10:00 am @ AeroSports Murrieta Trampoline Park (This is 1 hour early then the website posting) located at 39729 Avenida Acacias.

· 11:00 am on AeroSports website under the Aero-Stone Tab

· 11:00 am on AeroSports Facebook page (




OCT 23rd – OCT 28th



Monday's Clue:
Monday is here and we are ready to go, Google Maps should help, but take a hint from a movie a long time ago. Directed and Produced by the Master of Suspense, the direction to go should be easy or you'll be left on the fence.
The Stone is lonely and wanting to be found, If you follow the clues you won't need a hound.
Monday's clues are hard and don't say much so be patient my friend so you can come through in the clutch.

Tuesday's Clue:
It’s already day two and the clues are sure to get better, if you solve the tough ones you’ll be the pace setter.
Quercus is a word you might need to look up, this word is helpful and can keep you on track.
Accipitridae is another big word to help you today, only one more clue until Wednesday.

Wednesday's Clue:
How very odd that a path may fork, but a lone tree in the way makes this unique for sure.
If you are savvy you might be on the right path, but if you kick up too much dust you might need a bath.

Thursday's Clue:
The next clue has us googling Utah, home to the world’s largest mine.
Softball is fun when it is played well, what is rare is fields that are parallel.

Win an additional $2,500 when you're wearing an Aero-Stone Shirt!


1. Employees of AeroSports Trampoline Parks and the Sponsored local businesses that are listed on the Aero-Stone T-Shirt, and their households, are not eligible to find the Aero-Stone.

2. *By finding the Stone, you win $2,500. In order to win $5,000, you must be wearing a Aero-Stone t-shirt when you find the Stone.

3. If you are found cheating, you forfeit all winnings.

4. If you break any law (i.e. trespassing, vandalism, littering, etc.) while in pursuit of the stone, you are automatically disqualified from all current & future promotions.

5. Any destruction of property—including, but not limited to, landscaping, fencing, water features, vehicles—automatically disqualifies you from all current and future promotions.

6. Please be cautious of all surroundings and keep a watchful eye out for snakes and other indigenous creatures.

7. If you find the Stone, you must call the number attached to the stone immediately. You cannot leave the site and come back. You must prove possession to win.

8. There can only be one (1) winner per stone. In the event of a dispute over who found the Stone, all parties will be eliminated.

9. By participating, you assume all liability. AeroSports Trampoline Parks, and the Sponsored businesses are not responsible for any injuries sustained while in pursuit of the Aero-Stone. Again, you accept all responsibilities and assume all liabilities to participate.

10. The Aero-Stone is subject to verification. Any counterfeit attempt will disqualify you from any current or future contest participation.

11. Must be 18 or older or have a parent or legal guardian with you when you find the Stone.

12. Winners and their households are not eligible for any other Aero-Stone contest.

13. Must present two (2) valid forms of ID plus Social Security Number to receive winnings.

14. Winner is responsible for any applicable State and Federal taxes.

15. Winner must return the Stone to redeem prize. The Stone is property of AeroSports Trampoline Parks.

16. AeroSports reserve the right to use and distribute images, voice, and likeness of winners and participants on (social media, website, radio, etc).

17. The Aero-Stone will not be hidden within 50ft of any commercial building or residence.

18. Purchasing a 2017 Aero-Stone edition t-shirt is solely for a discount of 25% off jump time at AeroSports Parks for the month of October 2017.

19. By purchasing and/or winning a 2017 Aero-Stone t-shirt, you qualify to win $5,000 if you find the Stone while wearing the shirt. You also get the privilege of receiving a 25% discount off jump time for the entire month of October 2017, as long as you’re wearing the 2017 Aero-Stone t-shirt.

20. It is getting dark earlier so please respect any residents and curfew hours. Be safe and have fun.

21. T-Shirts can not be purchased once the scavenger hunt begins and until the Aero-Stone is found.